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The ITS JPO’s vision is to accelerate the use of ITS to transform the way society moves. The ITS JPO’s purpose is to spur the development and use of ITS to move people and goods more safely and efficiently.

Our Projects

IT Development

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ITS Deployment

Pilot deployments are expected to integrate connected vehicle research concepts into practical and effective elements, enhancing existing operational capabilities.

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Stay informed about the US DOT’s ITS Program-ITS JPO events, staff presentations, and research documentation that describes innovations in ITS and their impact on transportation safety, mobility, and the environment.

Technology Transfer

The goal of the ITS Program’s technology transfer initiative is to provide accelerate the implementation of ITS as transformation of ITS research and prototypes into market-ready technologies that are commercially viable and are adopted by the transportation community

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  • Connected Vehicle Basics
  • History of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • ITS History Timeline
  • ITS Fast Facts
  • ITS ePrimer
  • ITS CodeHub
  • ITS DataHub
  • Knowledge Resources
  • Secure Data Commons
  • Security Credential Management System (SCMS)
  • Staff Presentations

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