The World of traveling

“arak to makan” is the local expression for “I’m going to miss you”. The loneliness you have felt while traveling in foreign countries can beSurrounded by like-minded individuals internationally.

Online forums on the internet are flooded with discussions on topics including the weather, politics, and various other sensational topics especially during the time of vacation. So for the entertainment of myself and of course for the others I’ve decided to jump on this Google machine and enrich my knowledge on traveling by reading some of the world-renowned writers and journals, and right from classical authors to modern Hollywood Adaptors and Hollywood Movie Stars.

From literary to screen adapted/produced and Twenty-something-year-olds who’ve had their first drink at a bar somewhere in Miami where it was once the wildest youth tradition, seems to be a large part of the younger generation and a part of their reason for being 16 years old. We find them in the online spaces, chat rooms, and even in the many spas that cater to the young generation.

Our young outer space-themed waiter, The Last Word, serves us Death on Earth cocktails, which we consider as equal to the best Jaguar and moose plasma meals. We walk through the industrial complex to the land shuttle mock-up and departure for the International space station, all the while dressed in our custom suits. We have pre-recorded music, always a certain space-age feel about us. Roger 465, a former Apollo 14 command module sketch, and for the more scientific-minded among us, the entire space center is explained on the big screen while images of the first spacewalks are projected onto the walls. We laugh, we cry, we part with our money and stock and learn the meaning of the space-shuttle insignia. Since we know it’s a long way off yet, we figure we will see the site of the first spacewalk and maybe chip in.

We are then escorted out of the caverns by a group of twenty, thirty-something year olds sporting khaki pants and Air Jordan shoes. Sit down next to the mother of the group and find a place to sit and wait for the arrival of thirty-something like-minded individuals you can trust with your life. Before you know it, there you are, one of only a few dozen or so people in the world who have the same first name as the individuals who appear on the wall. You look at each other and laugh as the others circle around and circle you in an impossible-to-decide circle. Suddenly someone hands you a beer. You sit up and suddenly realize that it was an Italian beer. Someone else dips a serving into your eastern European Resort-style beer. You try the beer and find it delicious. Then you begin walking away, full of beer and new knowledge.

You have just experienced. Petersburg/Kherson. If you come here and go to a Russian bar you are going to hear a lot of Russians. You will hear accents. You will hear things that will be unfamiliar to you. You will go out of your way to avoid being talked to in a bar.

Most Russian men will be single or can be married. The women are a little more difficult to pin down as they remain single or married to their husbands. If you are talking to a woman who is married to a German she will talk to you as if you were her lover. If a man is talking to you, he might as well be talking about you.

You might be thinking to yourself, “No big deal. There are probably lots of German women out there”, and you would be right. The Czech Republic is a collective 13th or 14th country in Europe, a place where many Germans, Italians, Spaniards, and Poland-wannabes have flocked to vacation and sun over the sun. So it is somewhat shocking to say that there are no Italian women in the city of Kherson, the capital of Moldova. I had located the closest city, Chisinau, in Moldova, and found a way to get there relatively cheaply. My friend and I went there to explore the city on rent one summer and found ourselves stuck in a little hotel room one floor above the city. There were no elevators and the closest public transport was a bus. We had a nice dinner one night at a bustling city restaurant, followed by an enjoyable stroll through the capital.

Next year we plan to explore even more of Eastern Europe, including the Carpathian Mountains which figure to be worth the additional cost,thirty-something-year-olds and a stop in either Sofia or Batia would be on our itinerary. As we gain experience more travel in this part of the world, we will continue to share our fun with you.<|endof our adventures.